Attractive and Extremely Durable Home Security with Custom Made Security Doors


There was once a time when installing security doors on your home would involve bulky and heavy-duty units that look more in place at Fort Knox, yet by using industrial grade aluminium and stainless-steel, you can have character doors made to perfectly fit your home. Home security is always an issue and screen manufacturers have addressed the need for a strong product that also looks appealing.

Bespoke Security Solutions

Installing security screen doors in Busselton involves fabricating the units to precise dimensions, which allow for a perfect fit. There are Federation style front doors, for example, that combine the strength of stainless-steel mesh with the elegance of cast alloy panels, and they are great feature for any property. These doors have been tested, with professionals using the right tools, trying hard to break through the units, without success. Rated security doors give you peace of mind, and, of course, the house breaker knows only too well that security doors cannot be forced open.

An Important Aesthetic Element

Both the front and back doors offer design elements, and these should not be compromised by security, and with security doors that are attractive and very functional, you can have the best of both worlds.

Maintenance Free

Marine grade stainless-steel and aluminium panels do not require any maintenance, and once in place, you can expect to receive many years of trouble-free service, and there is a long warranty on the powder coated colour too.

Sliding Patio Doors

It is nice to be able to open up sliding doors that merge your lounge with the patio, and with special sliding security doors, this will not be a weak spot for your security. Toughened, safety glass is used as standard, and with a choice of colours for the frame, you can choose a design that is in keeping with the overall look of the property.

Top Quality Locking

The locking system on a security door would involve several steel pins that slot into the door frame, making it impossible to use a jemmy bar and prise open the door. The door is locked at 4 or 5 different locations, making is very secure indeed, and should you wish to have some extra features, there are many door accessories.


A security door will definitely improve the home insulation, helping to keep the interior cooler in the summer, while retaining the heat in the colder months. The doors are also soundproof, which is an added bonus, and if you would like brass fittings, they can be added at any time. Even with the harsh Australian climate, your new doors will always look like new, and all they ever need is a wipe with a damp cloth.

Online Solutions

All you need to do is search online for a local supplier of security doors and screens, and they would be happy to pop round and show you their products. Once a design is agreed upon, the supplier can quote for the supply and installation, and if you are OK with that, they would give you an installation date sometime in the next few weeks.

Beefing up your home security is never a bad thing, and by installing security screens and doors, you are sending out the right message.

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