Three Popular Home Conversions you Might Want to Consider

The majority of UK homeowners are always looking to make improvements, and when looking to add some living space, conversions are very popular. There are three main types of conversion, which we will examine in this article.

1.       Loft Conversion – The attic is an ideal space to turn into a room, as you already have the roof and supporting walls, and the best builders in Alton are the people to talk to if you wish to convert your loft. The work entails creating a chipboard floor and cladding the walls and the roof interior with plywood, and by adding a few skylights, you have adequate natural lighting.

2.       Garage Conversion – Another popular method of expanding your living space, and if you have a double garage adjacent to the property, this could be transformed into a comfortable lounge, office, or even a guest bedroom. The cost is reasonable, as you already have the structure in place, and with some good insulation and interior cladding, you can create a nice area.

3.       Basement Conversion – If you have a basement, why not turn it into something special? Damp is certainly something to be careful about, and when talking to your local builder, they can assess the basement for signs of damp, plus they can come up with a suitable design. Once you inform the builder of your planned budget, he can then put together a proposal, and if you are in agreement, the plans can be drawn up.

The builder would be able to assist you with planning permission, if it is required, and the extra living space would certainly boost the value of your home.






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