What Happens to your Domestic Waste When the Skip is Taken way?


With the world focusing on eco-friendly solutions, more and more UK homeowners are wondering what exactly happens to their waste when the skip hire firm takes it away. You might, for example, expect the waste to end up in a landfill, and while that might have been acceptable a few years ago, it certainly is not today.

Recycling Plants

There are huge recycling plants in all areas of the UK and these are supplied by skip hire companies and rubbish collection services, who remove domestic waste from UK households. The following materials can all be effectively recycled:

  • All forms of metal
  • Timber
  • Plastics
  • All paper and cardboard items
  • Green garden waste – This is turned into fertiliser.
  • Old domestic appliances
  • Old Computers
  • Building waste

It might surprise you to learn that up to 90% of all collected waste is recycled, so next time you are looking for a skip company in Oldbury, make sure that they recycle. Every major skip hire firm would have extensive connections with all the large recycling plants in their region, and as soon as they have collected sufficient volume, they would take the waste to the recycling plant to be processed.

Check out the Skip Hire Firm’s Website

This will give you a clear indication of whether or not they are eco-friendly, as there should be a lot of information on what they do with collected waste.

Once you are sure that the waste disposal firm is suitable, you can use them whenever you have a need and you can be sure that your waste is being recycled and reused.

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