A Guide to Central Heating Maintenance

Your central heating is an essential service that heats your home and provides you with hot water, and in the winter months, you simply cannot afford for the system to breakdown. The best way to minimise the risk of a heating malfunction is to enlist the local electrical contractors in Harrogate to service your central heating on an annual basis, and they can repair or replace worn components.

What Does a Central Heating Service Involve?

The heating engineer would ask you to turn on the heating 15-20 minutes prior to his arrival, which enables him to inspect the boiler while it is in operation. The following would be included in the service:

  • Checking the boiler for leaks (both gas and water)
  • Inspecting the burner
  • Inspecting the flue
  • Looking for signs of corrosion, especially at the joints

The radiators would also be closely inspected, and should there be any air trapped in the system, the engineer would bleed the radiator in question with a special spanner. If the engineer thinks the system could do with a flush, he would recommend that.

The Thermostat

This is a vital component, as it dictates when the boiler fires up, and an inaccurate thermostat can result in higher fuel bills, as the system is working when it is not required. Generally speaking, a faulty thermostat would be replaced, although there are times when it can be repaired.

If your central heating system has not been serviced of late, call your local heating and electrical contractor and book a service before the really cold weather arrives.






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