Signs Your Dishwasher has Hard Water

 Dishwashers add convenience and ease to our hectic, busy lives. Don’t panic if your dishwasher doesn’t clean as it should. Although your dishwasher may not be acting up, it could be that hard water is getting through the unit. These signs will alert you if your dishwasher is leaking. 

Take a Look at the Clouds

Cloudy spots are the most obvious and visible sign of hard water on dishes. Your glasses and silverware will have a cloudy, white residue from hard water. This is due to the salts that are left behind by the water that evaporates. 

Clean Dishes Shouldn’t Smell Like This

A good way to tell if your dishwasher is using hard water is to smell dishes after they have been cleaned. The dishes may smell metallic and unpleasant if they have hard water. 

Excessive Use of Detergent

You may think cloudy and smelly dishes mean you need more detergent. But don’t let that fool you! Too much detergent can cause soap scum to build up, making it harder for dishes to be washed properly. This can lead to higher costs each year. 

Soap Scum

Your dishwasher can collect soap scum in every area, which can cause dishes to not be cleaned thoroughly and can also leave behind bacteria traces. 

Appliances With a Shorter Life Span

Dishwashers are designed to last between nine and eleven years. Hard water can severely reduce the dishwasher’s lifespan. Hard water minerals can cause a dishwasher to work less efficiently, and you will need a certified technician or plumber. 

These signs can be detected early to save your dishwasher’s life and help you find a solution quicker. One Green Filter can set up a free water quality demonstration to determine if your dishwasher is suffering from hard water. Call us today to avoid letting hard water ruin your dishwasher’s ability to run smoothly. 

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