Mark Roemer Oakland Presents Basic Home Decor Ideas for Every Homeowner


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, proper home decor can elevate the beauty of your house to a completely different level. Many people like to infuse the decor in their property with a mix of their personal design choices, taste, and subjectivity. Others like to follow the latest trends or the popular home decor styles loved by experts across the world. However, if you have no idea how to start decorating your home or even where to begin, don’t worry!

The Basics

Here are a few basic home decor ideas that you can follow:

  1. Use light and neutral colors for painting the walls – If you cannot decide upon what type of theme or style to follow when decorating your home, you should probably stick to light or neutral colors such as beige and gray, at least, for the first floor. Neutral and light colors offer the most decorating flexibility and allow quick changes in home accessories when you want to switch to a new decor style.

Plus, they minimize jarring transitions when you paint two rooms with the same neutral color while creating the illusion of a bigger space.

  1. Layer your lighting – Layering the lighting in your house can allow you to enjoy the full potential of good lighting. Thus, ensure that every room in your house has three kinds of lighting — ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lighting is often attached to ceiling fixtures and helps to create the overall illumination in a room. Task lighting is usually used for specialized purposes and attached to the kitchen island or a reading nook. Accent lighting is used for decorative purposes and does the heavy lifting for setting the theme of your room.

Additionally, you can place a torchiere or canister upplight in a corner of the rooms to cast a glow on the ceiling which would help to make the room feel bigger.

  1. Optimize the living space – The furniture in your living room should be arranged properly to make it more inviting so that it is always a pleasant experience when sitting on the sofa or couch for a quick chat or a Netflix session.

Generally, you should aim for intimacy and balance and one of the best ways to avoid that is by not pushing the furniture against the walls. Floating the furniture away from the walls makes the room feel larger too. Ensure that the conversation area has a U-shape or ideally, an H-shape with the sofa and the two chairs directly facing each other with the coffee table in the middle.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you hang at least one mirror in every room, preferably on walls perpendicular to the windows but not directly to their opposite. Mirrors bounce the light around the room which enables the space to feel brighter. Also, ensure that the front door of your house sports popular hues of color such as orange, red, or yellow to create a great first impression.

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