How to fix a flat roof that is leaking?

Learn how to fix ponding water under your flat roof. It doesn’t need to cost a lot.

Water will pool on flat roofs after any rainfalls. A flat roof that is in good condition will not have ponding water. It will drain away or evaporate. The ponding water won’t evaporate if your flat roof is uneven due to sagging or insufficient slope.

Flat roof ponding can lead to common problems:

  • Degrading roofing materials, especially on older roofs that were modified or built up.
  • The extra water weight causes additional stress to the load-bearing structures and can cause damage.
  • Winter freeze standing water can expand, causing more damage
  • If seams are too close together, ponding water can cause membranes to lose their seal and allow water in beneath.
  • Staggering water can allow moss, algae, and debris to accumulate and provide a breeding ground and habitat for insects.

How to stop water from pooling on flat roofs

Only experienced roofers had access to repair options. Roof fillings are difficult to apply because they are time-consuming and heavy.

You might find a simple solution for your roof ponding problems. It is worth looking into these issues before calling in the pros!

Check your drains: Remove any obstructions or blockages that may be obstructing water flow to the drain.

Structural problems: You should call a professional if you have incorrectly installed frames, beams, or joists.

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