Garden Paving Advice for First Time Home Buyers


When you buy a new home, you have the yard and the garden is a crafted remnant of the previous owner. The same holds for the patio. That’s why most new home buyers prefer to change the patio and the outdoors to personalize their property. If you’re an experienced landscaper, you can do it yourself or outsource the job to a professional by searching for “paving companies near me”. Either way, you need to come up with great ideas for the garden, the yard, and the patio so that it looks amazing and reflects your sense of style. The following tips may help you out:

The Advice

  1. Decide on a paving space – The first step to designing a patio or any other paved area is to decide on the space. The location needs to have easy access so that you can enter or leave the space easily. Moreover, it needs to be weatherproof so that you can cherish the outdoors within the boundaries of your property, even during a downpour. If you have a privacy fence all around your property, then you can pave any space you want. Otherwise, you want to pave an area where you have privacy instead of intruding gazes from prying strangers. You can also set up green privacy screens with trellis and climber plants with thick foliage. It also doubles as a wonderful landscaping feature.
  1. Use pathways – If you have a large enough property where you would need to walk for a few seconds from the porch, pathways are an ideal addition. You can lay stone or gravel walkways to your garden and other areas for easy access. However, you need to be pragmatic about it. Consider the size and shape of the paved area and depending on the furniture and landscaped features in the area, you need to adjust your budget. The budget for your paved area would decide how much you want to spend on the pathway. You don’t want a glorious stone pathway with gravel lingering and lined water spots to reach an underwhelming patio. 
  1. Decide on your garden paving’s purpose – You need to decide on the purpose of your garden paving so that you can move on to the next decisions. The purpose of your garden paving would help you nail the details and set the perfect dimensions. It will also influence the choice of outdoor furniture. Think about your paved area and figure out if it’s going to be an outstanding feature to surprise your guests or create a seamless transition between the backyard and your home. If you live in the desert, you may want the paved area to be in a shady spot, while those in dry and cold climates would want the pavements in a sunny area. If you have a large property and find joy and relaxation in cooking outdoors or hosting barbeque parties, you may want to dedicate most of the space to a kitchen deck with room for a small, paved area.
  1. Patio with a grand view – If your home is in a premium location, your patio should be in a place with the grandest view. For instance, if you have a property in a tropical location with tall trees and greenery everywhere, you should consider having your garden paved in an area where you get to take in that glorious sight. The same holds if your home is high in the valley or near a pristine body of water. You should also design your patio to integrate seamlessly with the scenery. For instance, if you’re near the ocean, the pavers may be made with stones of earthy tones, and you may plant low-lying shrubs that don’t obstruct the view of the water meeting with the horizon.
  1. An ode to your favorite destination – You may like to lay down on a tropical beach by a wavy shore or take a relaxing bath at a Japanese Onsen. Take inspiration from your favorite destination and introduce it to your garden patio. For instance, if tropical destinations are your thing, you can have paving stones on a gravel base and have a hammock instead of a regular chair. You can also create an outdoor jacuzzi by the patio with a stone or tiled deck and have a steam machine to mimic the dramatic fumes of a natural Onsen. To mimic a cold ambiance, you can use dark blue tiles with similar dark-toned furniture while warm tones can be reserved for beach-themed paving.
  1. Think about the dimensions of the paving slab – the dimensions of your paving slab help you play around with the space and design of your garden paving. If you can’t afford to have a large, paved area, small patio slabs can make your garden paving appear larger and roomier. If you’re tight on budget, large slabs would save you money. You can also mix in different sizes to create a quirkier patio or add another layer of sophistication. Think patterns, shapes, and even a checkerboard design if you choose dark and light slabs of the same design or material.
  1. Seating – When you design the perfect garden paving for your home, you need to nail the furniture in terms of design, function, and practicality. If you want all of those attributes at the same time, you need to invest in stone seating, restored wood seating or even tree stump seating. They are all made of high-quality materials and can be sealed properly to protect against the weather. If you don’t have the budget at the moment, you can buy inexpensive, but maintenance-free, weatherproof wicker seats and save up for your dream furniture.


These garden paving ideas look magnificent if they are properly implemented in your home. You can also use them as inspiration to come up with your own ideas and pave your home the way you want. If the task is too complicated, you can hire pros by searching for “paving companies near me”.

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