How to Build a Coffee Table with Reclaimed Wood


If you have been looking for the perfect rustic looking coffee table but cannot find one that suits your preferences or budget, you may want to consider making one yourself. Making a coffee table is something that anyone can do, provided they have basic DIY skills and the right tools. According to the folk at Devour Tools, you will need a saw with metal blades to cut the wood and a power drill to attach the legs to the table top. You will also need to source the wood and a few other bits and pieces. When you have these, you can get started.

What Materials Will You Need?

As mentioned, you will need specific tools. While a handsaw can cut the wood, a power saw is quicker and easier to use and will help you to get a cleaner cut. You could also use a hand screwdriver but again, a power drill will mean less effort from you and will make the job quicker.

You will obviously need to find some wood from which to make your coffee table. There are many places to look. Online sites such as eBay and Etsy are great places, and you can also head to your nearest Home Depot. However, to keep costs down you can have a look at local reclaimed lumber dealers or on Craigslist. You might even pick up some reclaimed wood for free. You can also look for some table legs or buy them online. Don’t forget the screws to attach the legs to the top and you will need some wood glue to stick the boards together.

Prepare Your Wood

You will need to measure the wood and cut it into the required size. Use your power or hand saw to cut each wood board to the same size. If you are using a large piece of reclaimed wood, then you will need one or two pieces for the top and the same for the bottom. If you have thinner widths, you will need to decide what width your table will be and cut the required number of boards. Double this up so that you have the same for the top and the base.

The rough edges of the wood will need to be sanded to prevent splinters, and you should also give the wood a clean to make it easier to stain later. When the wood is prepared, you can move onto the next step.

Glue the Boards

The boards will need to be stuck together with appropriate wood glue. If you are using a few boards, apply the wood glue along the length of two boards and then join them together. Continue until you have a full piece for the top. Do the same for the bottom. When the glue has dried, you can stick one piece on top of the other, again with the wood glue.

Attach the Legs

The next stage is to attach the legs to the base of the table. Mark the point at each corner where you are going to attach the legs. Measure so that they are all positioned correctly and then mark before using your drill to screw them in place.

Finish the Table

The final stage is to apply a protective stain to give it a smooth finish and to prevent any scratches and marks. You can now sit back and admire your handiwork.

To conclude, making your own coffee table from reclaimed wood can be a rewarding and enjoyable project. It might even save you money. Ultimately, you will have a completely unique piece of furniture for your home.

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