Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

As property prices remain buoyant in the UK and a greater number of people transition to remote working positions, home renovations are beginning to occur more frequently. During the 2020 lockdowns, tools and resources essential to renovation projects even become scarce due to significant demand as homeowners used their time to improve their properties, change their interior designs, and make their homes more appealing to potential buyers.

Whatever your motivation for home renovation, keeping costs low is always a sensible motivation. While you might be concerned that low costs are often associated with low quality, you need not fear because there are, in fact, many budget-friendly renovation ideas that not only look great but can even increase the value of your property too! For inspiration, we’ve put together some of the most popular.

A Fresh Facade

Improving those features of your home visible from the street is known as curb appeal. This could be anything from painting the windows or front of your house to retiling the entire roof. It is important to remember that no matter how small the job, the return on investment for such publicly visible improvements is significant. So, if your motivation is to improve the value of your property, then any renovation that contributes to a fresh facade is worthwhile, no matter cost-effective.

Create An Outbuilding 

Garden spaces are currently very popular as post-lockdown considerations drive home buyers to seek an outdoor area for their property. Gardens, however, are not innately appealing and those that are unkempt, quite large, or too open to the public can actually deter buyers. Such features can also lead to homeowners neglecting their own garden space, leaving a significant portion of their property underappreciated.

Maintaining a tidy garden can be a large and continuous undertaking, one that tends to prevent residents from fully enjoying their property. To remedy this, more people are turning to outbuildings, such as log cabins, which allow them a garden space to enjoy all year round regardless of the weather.

Creative Paint 

Giving your entire home a fresh coat of paint can be not only a time-consuming undertaking but a costly one too since paint is not as affordable as many might first think. There are, however, creative ways to lower the costs of interior decorating.

Statement walls are not only bold and impressive, whether created with paint or wallpaper, but they also help to lift the rest of the room, allowing you to revitalise an entire space with only the cost of a single wall.

Rethink Your Windows 

The impact that windows have upon space is often underrated. The frames, curtains, sills, and glass we choose each has the potential to alter the size, shape, and ambience of a room. With the right combinations, a room can feel much bigger and more welcoming. To achieve this can be as simple as replacing curtains with lighter colours and materials, as well as adding colour to your frame and sill. Plastics may require less upkeep but they can quickly become tarnished and are difficult to customise. If you have the means, installing a colourful wooden frame can help your home to feel more twee and cosy.

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