Is Investing in a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Worth it?


Whether a newbie or a veteran property owner, you should know that your landlord’s duties go beyond making repairs and collecting rent. They also extend to making relevant upgrades that please current tenants and attract new ones. 

However, it can be tricky to determine which upgrades are the most beneficial to your rental business. While every cosmetic change has its perks, they don’t all have the same ROI. For instance, bathrooms are an excellent place for high-return renovations. This brings us to today’s question, is investing in a double-sink bathroom vanity worth it? Before you try to choose the best type of plumbing fittings or tile patterns, read this article first. 

Is Investing in a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Worth it? 

Before embarking on any rental project, the first question on every landlord’s mind is usually, ‘how will this make me more money?’ That question is no less different when investing in a double-sink bathroom. After all, if you want something high-quality and durable, you must spend a lot of money. 

Thus, if you’re leaning towards this upgrade, you’ll be happy to know that a double sink can generously improve your resale value. As an upscale bathroom remodel, you can expect to earn at least a 56% return on your investment. Perhaps, even more, when you pair it with other additions like new tiles. 

If you’re unsure whether installing a double sink is the right choice, you should consult an expert. For example, the Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia can guide you on your bathroom renovation plans. 

Pros and Cons of a Double Vanity


  • Greater Tenant Appeal 

One of the most prominent advantages of installing a double-sink bathroom vanity is that tenants love it. A double sink can be a lifesaver for some renters, particularly those with large families. In the master, it allows couples to get ready faster without bumping into each other. That also means fewer conflicts, which will keep your tenants happy. It also means each partner gets to enjoy more privacy in the morning. 

  • More Storage Space

Another great benefit of getting a double sink vanity is that your tenant has more storage space. Renters always appreciate having as much storage as possible because it can be tricky to create space in a rental. But with twice as much space, they can store makeup, toiletries, towels, and other items out of sight. This feature would also make the bathroom look less cluttered, which could be a plus during house viewings. 

  • Higher Resale Value

A double vanity upgrade can increase your resale value if you know how to revamp a bathroom. For luxury apartments, many couples consider it a must-have upgrade and could make your home their first choice during a house search. Even in less expensive neighborhoods, the convenience of a his-and-hers vanity could swing other tenants in your favor. 


  • High Upfront Cost

While a double vanity often means twice as much convenience, it also means double the cost. Thus, one of the most significant drawbacks of such an upgrade is the high upfront cost. You must be willing to spend money if you want something elegant with high-quality material that offers you a significant ROI. Beyond the cost of materials, other variables like labor and fixtures would undoubtedly come into play.  

  • Less Benchtop Space

The tradeoff for two sinks is often sacrificing some benchtop space. In addition, some double vanity designs leave little room on the surface for tenants to store items like toothbrushes, shampoo, moisturizer, etc. Thus, it could be tricky for people to get ready in the morning when the things they need aren’t easily within reach.  

  • Smaller Bathroom Space

Besides sacrificing some benchtop space, introducing a new vanity would mean carving out more floor space. As a result, you would end up with a smaller bathroom than when you had a single sink. Although, it might not be noticeable if you have enough room. On the other hand, smaller bathrooms could be a counterproductive tradeoff. 


We started this article with the question, ‘is investing in a double sink bathroom vanity worth it?’ While most people say it is due to its many benefits, its downsides could make it a costly upgrade for some landlords. 

On the one hand, it could increase your storage space, which would appeal to new tenants. It can also boost your home resale value and put extra money in your pocket if you decide to sell. On the other hand, a double vanity can be expensive to install and make your bathroom smaller. 

Thus, it would be best to consult an expert before starting such a project. A professional property manager can help you evaluate essential business decisions and ensure you make the right choice.  

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