Do Wall Decals Damage Your Home Walls


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Contemplating on whether to use wall decals to adorn your living room, bedroom or puja room? Wall decals are not new and have been used for decades to decorate houses and offices.

Modern day wall decals and self-adhesive wallpapers are made using advanced technology and they are easy to install and peel off. However, are you still not sure about using wall decals to decorate your home walls? Read along as we tell you more about wall decals, benefits of using wall decals and how you can safely peel them off.

Benefits of Wall Decals

Perfect for renters stickers

Wall decals are perfect for renters who don’t have the liberty to hang artwork or paint their walls with textured paints of their choice. Wall decals are easy to install and maintain and you can easily peel them off without damaging your walls when you are moving out of your rented flat.

Easy to install & remove

The best part about wall decals is that you don’t need to hire professional help to install and remove them. You can simply call over your friends and bond with them while you all install them in your new space.

Quick way to revamp your space

Don’t have the budget to get your entire home painted? Why not spruce up your space by adding wall decals to your home interior décor and adding some character and personality to your otherwise dull walls.

How to use wall decals without damaging your walls?

It is important that you know the basics of installing and removing a self-adhesive wallpaper so that you don’t damage your walls. Here are some handy tips that you must keep in mind while installing and peel off wall decals.

Avoid buying cheap wall decals

Make sure that you steer clear of cheap vinyl kids wall stickers as they are made from cheap quality materials which are sure to put your kid’s health at risk and damage your wall paints and cost you a bomb in the long run.

Observe your wall

Assess your wall’s condition and check if you wall paint is solid enough to handle kids wall stickers or it will peel off easily. We recommend that you fix your walls before you decide to install online stickers for wall into your space.

Always sample before you start
Make sure that you sample a wall decal in a discreet place and leave it there for a few days and then try to peel it off your walls. If you notice that your wall paint is getting peeled off, then avoid using wall decals on such walls.

Peel off your decals every few years

Did you know that the adhesives in the online stickers for wall harden over the years? What does this mean? This means that if you leave your wall decals on your walls for many years, then the peeling off process becomes more difficult. Hence, it is recommended that you peel off your wall decals in a year or two to ensure that your walls don’t get damaged.

Use heat to remove

Use a hairdryer when you decide to remove your wall decal. A hairdryer will warm up the adhesive on the wall decal and make the removal process hassle free. Make sure that you don’t hold the hairdryer too close to wall decal as you just want to warm it up and not burn it. Remember that the more old your wall decals are, the more effort it will take to peel them off your home walls.

The bottom line is that modern wall decals don’t necessarily damage your walls if you know how to install, maintain and remove them carefully. Looking for a website to buy online stickers for walls? Head over to the Asian Paints website to get your hands on kids wall stickers and many other trendy self-adhesive wallpapers that will transform your home.

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