Common Reasons for Leaky Gutters

Although many homeowners consider leaky gutters to be minor issues, they are a serious problem that should not be ignored. These problems can quickly become costly and expensive to fix. You need to quickly find the cause of your leaky gutter and fix it. These are the most common causes of gutter leakage and how to fix them. 

Causes of Leaky Gutters

Why do you have leaky gutters in the first place? There are many reasons for leaky gutters, and each situation will require a different approach. Here are the things you should be paying attention to. 

1. Gutters That Are Blocked or Clogged

This is the main reason for leaky gutters. It is very easy to allow debris, including leaves from nearby trees, to enter your gutters. This is especially true after a storm. If there is enough debris in the gutters, it can block them and cause problems. 

Cleaning your gutters is easy, which is a good thing. A ladder, gloves, and a trash bag are all you need to clean your gutters. You can simply get up to your gutters and scoop any debris into the bag. It’ll be more challenging if the downspout becomes blocked. In order to clear it out, you will need to disconnect the house from it. 

2. Joints That Are Not Properly Sealed

Your gutters have many joints. Water will not escape if they are properly sealed. However, if water is seen coming from a joint, it means that the joint has not been properly sealed or has begun to fall apart. 

3. Cracking and Holes

Weathering can also cause leaky gutters. You can expect gutters to eventually fail, so it is important to inspect them for cracks or holes. These may be obvious in some cases, but you will need to pour water into the gutters to find out where they are leaking. 

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